The famous Idaho Potato Drop started in 2013 and has made national headlines. I was lucky enough to witness the Idaho potato drop for the first time last year. The mass of Idahoans, the excitement around ringing in the new year. (Boy did we get that excitement wrong for this year.) I love the potato drop, although, and don't get too mad at me, I did wonder why Idaho doesn't have a gem drop? It would be prettier and I mean common' we're the gem state. Anywhoo, doesn't matter, that is just my two cents. The potato drop for 2020, welcoming - hopefully a much better year - 2021 will be happening but with some big changes.

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Get ready to watch the potato drop but from your Television. They are legit hiding the potato drop location for this year to avoid crowds of people gathering. The thing is massive though, so I am not quite sure how they are going to hide it. However they are setting it up to make sure that it is primed to view on TV from the warm comfort of your home. The first news of the plans for this year came from Idaho News Channel 2 who spoke to the organizers of the event yesterday. They said the event will not be open to the public and would not even tell the news team where the undisclosed location will be. In the past it has attracted thousands of treasure valley residents and lots of families to see the spud in action. Maybe this year enjoy it from your home with some nice potato vodka and mixer of choice. Cheers! Here's to a much better year (fingers crossed 2021 makes up for this year)


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