Welp, Boise did it again! Before ending the year, the city of trees managed to get on yet another '10 best lists'. I mean, I know we're used to these at this point, but it's still cool to hear that we continue to get on these, especially when it comes to safety. That's right, according to WalletHub, Boise ranks in the top '10 Safest Cities in America' list.

Boise got the No. 10 spot while receiving the top spot in the 'Financial Safety' category. It ranked 30 (out of 182 U.S. cities) in the 'Home and Community Safety' category, and No. 71 in 'Natural Disaster Risk' category.

Wallethub measured how secure Americans felt using 39 key indicators of "safety" that ranged from assaults to road safety.

No other Pacific Northwest city make the top 10 cut, but at the top of the list were Plano, TX (No. 3), South Burlington, VT (No. 2), and Columbia, MD took the top spot this year.

You can check out the full list HERE.

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