Two men from Boise (34-year-old Zachary Wayne Moore and 38-year-old Matthew William Thompson) are in a whole lot of trouble.  Their single-engine 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza airplane crash landed right in front of a house in Medford, Oregon.  That's not what they're in trouble for.  It's all the marijuana they had inside the plane that's getting a lot of attention.

KTVB reports that men are currently sitting in jail on marijuana trafficking charges.  The Medford, Oregon Police Department has launched a full investigation.  We'll pass along the details of that investigation when the police department releases that information to the media and the public.

Jim Porter is the homeowner of the home where the crash took place.  He had this to say...

I had walked maybe a foot into the garage and I heard Crash! Boom! Bang!  I said 'what the heck was that?' and I turn around and an airplane fell in my front yard.  The two men walked away from it, they were shaken you could tell that. One guy claimed his ribs hurt, the passenger.

How much marijuana was confiscated and where exactly the plane was coming from or going to is unclear at this time.  We'll keep you posted.

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