Look! In the sky. It's a bird! It's a plane!...It's.....not Superman!

Nope, it's not Superman. Soon, it may well be the Boise Police Dept, watching from above! The department recently purchased 4 UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) that they will be using to improve emergency response,  expedite crime scene investigations and increase citizen safety and officer safety.

The drones or UAV's will be piloted by 4 Boise Police officers that have received FAA Remote Pilot training and certification.

“The Boise Police Department has thought long and hard about the best use for unmanned aerial vehicles in Boise and how to balance both community needs with community concerns,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones. “Our policy allows us to use a UAV to increase officer and citizen safety, be cost-effective public servants, and do so while not infringing on citizen’s right to privacy.”

Some people may have concerns about how and where the drones will be used.

“The UAV program will have substantial safety benefits to our officers in the field as they search for suspects who would do them or the public harm,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones.  “We are being careful to map out specific uses for the UAV and will not be using it for things like traffic enforcement or non-emergency surveillance missions without a search warrant.”

So look, up in the sky, it's a bird! It's a plane! It's...the Boise Police Department!

Source: Boise PD

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