Sickening news out of Boise today. Father W. Thomas Faucher has been allegedly caught in online chats allegedly saying that he wants to "do something truly evil before (he) dies" and the at the thought of killing excited him.

The former Boise priest was caught with more than 2,000 child pornographic images, many of which depicted rape and torture of children. Police found enough evidence to press more than 20 child pornography charges against the pastor.

Faucher's attorney recently tried unsuccessfully to reduce his $1,000,000 bond.

Faucher allegedly admitted he wants to rape a teenage boy and even more disturbingly he describes being "turned on" by the sound of a baby's screams according to KTVB. If that's not bad enough, Faucher even talks about wanting to rape and kill his own children.

Fauher's attorney is arguing that the dialog in the horrific chats are role play. He points out that his client has never been charged with actually molesting or abusing any children, although some have come forward alleging that the former Boise priest molested them in the 70's.

Faucher is due back in court on June 1st. His attorney argues that he is 72, frail, and not a threat to anyone, but the alleged content of his computer and phone are without any doubt sickening.