April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Our sister station MIX 106 is doing something incredible to help raise awareness. If you have lived in Boise for a long time you most likely know the name Kekeluv. He has been doing radio in the Treasure Valley for years and years.

Every April for the past 14 years Kekeluv has done something to bring awareness to Child Abuse Prevention. This year it was time to do something big, really big. This week Keke is at BSUs Albertsons Stadium with the goal to sit (with a little help) in every seat and raise $1 per seat.

Albertsons Stadium has 37,000 seats. That is an intense amount of squats. Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm he is sitting, standing, sitting, standing as he makes his way through the sections because so many children cant stand up for themselves. Idahoans are taking notice and donating in a big way. 100% of the donations go to Faces of Hope and currently the goal of $37,000 has already been beat with just under $43,000 donated!

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Townsquare media which is our radio stations parent company is banding together and DJs from other stations are coming to help Keke with his incredible fight against Child Abuse. I was able to go to Albertsons Stadium today with Michelle Heart from 107.9 Lite FM and help Keke cover some ground.

We were able to cover 2 sections and sit in every seat. I don't know how many seats that actually added up to but I know we were only there a couple of hours and my legs, and knees were bringing. I am so impressed with his drive and determination to do this for days and days on end.

If you would like to learn more and support the cause and what Kekeluv and Faces of Hope are doing click here. 

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