I love to hear from people moving to Boise or visiting mentioning the traffic. "You don't have traffic I'm from Portland. THAT is traffic." Okay.

This definitely isn't the thing we want to brag about or throw down the, "I told you so." It is however a real problem and can you guess where Boise ranks in 2021? We take the number one spot for the worst rush hours in the United States.

Boise beats out Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago, and all the top seeds.  It's been a long time since I've been in Houston traffic, but this is shocking even to an Idahoan.

Fleetlogging.com did research finding that Boise is the worst with the most significant rush hour effect. You might not believe this because Boise is much smaller compared to Los Angeles. That really doesn't matter. It's about how much time you'll spend in the car during a particular time.

Courtesy: Fleetlogging.com

In most of these cities, you have carpool lanes, toll lanes, and more. We don't have any. You get stuck in traffic and that's it. You can't just take a sidestreet to make it better in the Treasure Valley. If you're heading to Nampa at 4 p.m. that's it. Good luck!

Unfortunately, you fix this by adding lanes and that means traffic. That only makes your commute worse and you feel like it never ends. I was driving up Cole rd from Overland taking a shortcut. There is a ton of construction that cut off my lane and I had to go around through neighborhoods and 20 minutes later I ended up where I started. This place is growing and I have a feeling construction and congestion will continue for years to come.

So, congratulations! Your commute takes longer than anyone in the country during congested times.  Follow the link below and you can compare any city against another.

Courtesy: fleetlogging.com


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