Community love!  There's a lot of it and it's generally channeled into one place...


Boise Rescue Mission


I believe we all have a purpose.  Somewhere along the line in our lives we find out what that purpose is.  We're all here to bring some kind of goodness for someone other than ourselves.  Through our journey we meet others that inspire and motivate us to be better.  Sometimes better than we think we can be.


The incredible army of people behind the magic of the Boise Rescue Mission have found a purpose.  Food, clothing, shelter, jobs and more for those who've somehow lost all hope.  They plant a small seed of hope into every living soul that walks through their doors.  What that seed grows in to is the purpose they represent.


They dropped by the Wow Studio today to say thank you for our help through the holiday season.  We accept this plaque on behalf of all the beautiful people in the Treasure Valley that donated this year.  Beautiful people have a way of finding beauty in all things.  And when we all come together to change lives, therein lies the beauty.  We, here at Wow 104.3 are fortunate enough to know you.  And we're all fortunate enough to have the Boise Rescue Mission who provides miracles every day.

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