Sometimes when you are so far away from a disaster you feel helpless, but this Boise restaurant is stepping up to make a big difference in Houston. 


BBQ 4 Life is teaming up with Operation BBQ Relief to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


According to KTVB, Operation BBQ has partnered with the Salvation Army and is already on the ground in Texas.


This is such a great easy thing to do to help the people of Houston in a way that is affordable, but will really make a difference to the thousands of people displaced in shelters right now so visit BBQ 4 Life. According to The Daily News, an estimated 40,000 homes have been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey so far.


Here's what they need the most. They don't need cash donations but rather packaged meat, styrofoam containers to put food in, plastic silverware, napkins, and paper towels. They plan to head to Houston with a truck on Monday or Tuesday.