One of the things I love most in life is finding "hidden gems" with delicious food. And I've got a great pick for you today!

If you've been craving some delicious southern BBQ food, I've got you covered! It wasn't easy, but we found the best BBQ joint in Idaho.

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There's a recent article from Cheapism that covers the best BBQ joints in each state, and they said...

"While the South is known as the place for exceptional barbecue and countless regional styles of smoked meats, superb barbecue can be found all around the United States. Many smoke shacks and pitmasters in states without a storied barbecue history have created their own styles and unique adaptations that are just as good as the classics."

So, who made the list for Idaho?

Grandpa's Southern BBQ
Grandpa's Southern BBQ

Grandpa's Southern Bar-B-Q in Idaho Falls

Here's what Cheapism had to say about Grandpa's Southern Bar-B-Q...

Google Maps | Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Toquero
Google Maps | Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Toquero

"Don't bother stopping by Grandpa's for a photo of food worth Instagramming. The food isn't beautiful and the service is plain — but the barbecue is delicious, authentically Southern and never disappoints, and Lloyd and Loretta Westbrook and their kids are the most amiable of hosts. From the gumbo, slaw, and brisket to the buttermilk pie, this is barbecue for the taste buds. You can give the camera phone a rest."

We've covered the 5 greatest BBQ joints in Idaho (below) and this one wasn't originally on the list. Why? Because it's hiding in Idaho Falls and we didn't know it was there! But now we do, and we've got an even bigger list of the best places for BBQ in Idaho 👇

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Hellfire BBQ in Idaho Falls

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