There is a lot of construction planned in the Treasure Valley this summer and while it's good for the long-term health of our roads, it's creating quite a headache for Treasure Valley drivers.

A necessary inconvenience

Whether it's State St. in downtown Boise or the intersection at Ustick and McDermott, road closures can throw a wrench into your day if you're not ready for it.

And things happen!

You might work in a job that requires you to pass through an area with several closures or you might forget on your way to an important meeting (or your job) resulting in you being late.

These are all valid reasons to be frustrated but it's also important to remember that people working these construction sites - you know, human beings.

For example, have you ever been to a restaurant or a place offering a service, and one of their employees is just miserable? Sure, you can be upset, not tip them, or complain to their manager - but what's going on behind the scenes?

What are the working conditions? How are they being treated by their superiors? They may even be getting underpaid but forced to do work no one else wants to do.

It happens.

That is why we're sharing the top five things to remember before you lose your cool with all of the construction work happening this summer.

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