We love it when the community gets behind the kids at St. Jude Children's Hospital!

The TKE Fraternity at Boise State is stepping up and doing what they can to help eradicate childhood cancer and other life threatening diseases that attack our kids.

It's nothing new for the guys. They started to help raise funds 30 plus years ago. The local chapter at Boise State came to us a couple of weeks ago and wanted to let us know they were "in it to win it" when it comes to the battle against childhood cancer.

We're proud of them and more than happy to help spread the word, and the "love!" If you've never donated to St. Jude, now may be the time! They TKE's have made it really easy to send a donation. Those donations help fund research and develop protocols for treatment that get shared world-wide. You may think you're sending a donation away from local kids, but in reality, it comes back to the Treasure Valley.

So thanks, guys. We appreciate you and your efforts! We look forward to joining you in the fight against childhood cancers and diseases!

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