The Broncos received a bye for the first round.

With the arrival of March comes the countdown to the big dance. The NCAA Tournament is right around the corner. However, there is still some ball to be played before the teams are plotted and the brackets are filled out.

Conference tournaments are taking place all across the country this week.

For many teams, it's all about extending their dominance over their opponents. While regular season titles have already been handed out, there's something to be said for winning the conference tournament. On one hand, it's nice to add another trophy to the shelf. On the other hand, it's a last minute bid to be in the big tournament. Any team who wins their conference tournament will automatically receive a bid in the NCAA Tournament.

Our Broncos are not ranked in the overall standings so they might be on the bubble when Selection Sunday rolls around. Winning this weekend is paramount for Boise State. This would guarantee extended post season play for them.

The Mountain West Conference Tournament gets underway on Wednesday, March 10. As a #4 seed, the Broncos received a bye and will not play in the first round. Instead they will face the #5 Nevada in the quarterfinals. Boise State is scheduled to play Thursday at 3:30 p.m. MT. Anyone else planning on playing hooky to watch the game?

The favorite in the conference is San Diego State. They are on top of the Mountain West Conference and are currently ranked No. 19 across the board. With the way the bracket is laid out, we would have to face the Aztecs in the semifinals of the tournament, should we take down the Wolf Pack. It won't be a walk in the park to a conference title, but it will be an exciting one especially if we can win out.

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