I was lucky enough to check out a home basketball game in January with Kris and our friends, who are also season pass holders. I will say that the season pass holder section gets INTO it. Wow what a fun night. We had a blast and I got a few fun pics with Bucky the Bronco.

I was so happy to find out that Derrick Alston is staying. Even though he is plenty talented enough, he recently pulled from the NBA draft to stay with the Broncos for his Senior year. What a cool humble guy. He said “I have unfinished business at Boise State and still have tremendous room for growth in my game.”

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We're yet to see what happens with basketball season, but, Albertson's Stadium will have some new guidelines to keep everyone safe while enjoying home football games. Here is the Rundown:

Season ticket holders seats have been moved around to allow for social distancing along with tickets that are being sold for single games.

Masks must be worn at all times inside and out.

Tailgating is still happening but the  parking lot will have designated areas to allow for social distancing.

It may look a little difference because as expected, social distance guidelines and signage throughout the stadium

Most importantly beer and hard seltzers are for sale at the concessions again. A drink or two just helps you cheer a bit louder ;)


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