A young woman crashed into a building part of a Boise Strip Mall on the corner of UStick and Five Mile this afternoon just after 2 o'clock.  Witnesses who ran to help the young woman said she told them that she accidentally put her foot on the gas pedal thinking it was the brake.

The crash busted open a pipe leading to a major gas leak forcing the Boise Fire Department to evacuate all surrounding buildings including the Albertsons grocery store.

Here's a quote from KTVB as to exactly what happened and why an evacuation was necessary...

Boise Fire Battalion Chief Greg Ramey tells KTVB that the car went through a vacant store and broke off a gas meter. Fire crews were able to plug the pipe until Intermountain Gas crews could arrive on scene to shut off the gas and begin repairs.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and emergency crews acted swiftly and efficiently keeping everyone safe.  We don't know the exact name of the store or business crashed in to but we've been told that it's directly next to the Blimpie Sub Shop on the northwest corner of Ustick and Five Mile roads.

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