Mother Nature finally decided to dump Winter on us.  We all woke up this morning to a snow covered Treasure Valley that pretty much hit here and only here.  I was driving through Mountain Home today and they had no snow.

Getting hit on a weekend isn't too bad.  Yes, I know it's the end of March and we should all be basking in the sun with birds chirping and lawns getting mowed but good ole' Mother Nature has alternative plans for us.  Luckily, this is short lived.  Your drive in to work tomorrow morning should be smooth going with very little or no weather related issues.

We won't be getting the incredible warm temperatures and Spring weather we're looking for just yet but we also shouldn't get dumped on this week.  Here's what we're looking at according to

  • Monday - Cloudy with a high of 44
  • Tuesday - Sunny with a high of 50
  • Wednesday - Partly Sunny with a high of 59
  • Thursday - Mostly Sunny with a high of 59
  • Friday - Partly Cloudy with a high of 63

Rush hour traffic should be typical tomorrow both to and from work.  Roads are in perfect condition and there's no weather related issues or construction closures that should lead to lengthy delays.

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