There's about 5,000 different runs and walks here in the Treasure Valley but I'm not sure any of them even compare, at least from a people watching standpoint, than the Undie Run.  Yes, that's right... hundreds of people get together in freezing cold temperatures and run through the streets of downtown Boise in just their underwear, and for some, it's very flashy, creative underwear.

If you were driving around Boise yesterday morning and saw this crazy spectacle and asked yourself, "what are these idiots doing?"... You aren't alone, but these idiots aren't idiots at all.  They've found a way to have a great time, do something crazy, all while raising awareness and raising money for a great cause.  They run this crazy gauntlet every year for the Children's Tumor Foundation.

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue and this condition does not get much attention.  There are kids right now battling through pain and discomfort and there is very little anyone can do to help.  Nowhere near enough funding has occurred to help with research and medicine to help these little champions that are going through so much.

I salute these Undie runners and what they do each year to help make this world a better place.  If you'd like more information on neurofibromatosis, what these kids are going through, and how you can help... hey, maybe you can be an Undie runner... click HERE.

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