Video Memories started with VHS then moved on to DVD's and eventually Blu Ray.  It's been more than 30 years since the video rental store opened its doors at 4504 West Overland Road in Boise, Idaho.  This is a store that not only survived but thrived in an era where almost all other video rental stores shriveled and died including huge chains like Blockbuster.

Unfortunately, the digital future is now the present and Video Memories has become exactly that.  A video memory.  It's just too simple, convenient, and sometimes flat out better to rent through Red Box or right there in your own living room with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and so many other options through your cable company.

According to KTVB, Video Memory has lost more than 25% of its business in the last year alone.  Through the years of digital renting it's been tough but it's never been tougher than now and the last remaining video rental store in Boise, Idaho is now closing its doors.

When you look at all video rental stores left in the United States of America, this is the fourth oldest store left in the whole country.  Yes, this is probably inevitable but it's also sad to see a part of our past, a part of our memories and our lives not just fade away but completely shut down because there is NO place for them here anymore.

I feel sad when I see this but what have I done to support the business of video rental stores?  I do what most do.  I rent from Redbox or even from home where it's the absolute most convenient.  With that said, I miss going to the video rental store with my family and walking down each aisle looking for that movie I want to watch.  I miss the variety.  You could always find the new but they had classics available that you never see in RedBox or other digital areas.  I miss the option of renting for an entire week or adding popcorn, licorice or snacks to my movie but the truth is, I've never done anything to help live, local movie rental shops survive so I can't cry when they disappear.

The owner of Video Memories (Jerry Anderson) is currently selling more than 25,000 videos as he rides off into the sunset so if you're looking to own something new, something old, or something classic on DVD or Blu Ray, head out to Overland and grab it while you can.

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