Born and raised in Idaho is a woman who has spent an entire century here.  Mary Martha Bennet grew up in Parma and now lives in the Boise area where she thinks back to over 100 years of great memories, good people, beautiful scenery and what she says is heaven on earth.

Bennet was born as a four pound baby in Parma, Idaho on April 24, 1918.  According to KIVI TV Bennet's parents both died when she was just a child which gave her motivation to live as long as possible.  Well she's 100 years old now and it looks like she may make it a good while longer.  Mary says she has good, strong genes which is what's helped her along all these years.  This is what she says about grandma and granpa...

My grandparents were pretty tough people, they came here on the Oregon Trail on a wagon

At one point Mary did leave Idaho to study at an art school in Columbus, Ohio but she quickly got homesick and moved back to finish schooling at Idaho State University.  That's where she received her degree in Art and Architecture.

Mary met her future husband while working as an artist.  He was stationed in Idaho and they eventually got married and had three kids which is what Mary says is the highlight and most important thing in her life.  She and her husband have been married for 66 years.

So what has kept Mary going so long?  She says it's been her Family, Faith, and Exercise.  Mary says if she could do life all over again she would do it exactly the same.  She's had the best 100 years ever and all of us here at WOW Country 104.3 are wishing her a Happy Birthday!

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