We can argue until we're blue in the face about why gas prices are at an all-time high, but there is one thing we don't need to disagree on: It sucks.

High gas prices affect everyone, even if you're not driving as much as you were pre-pandemic. That extra strain on your finances every week can be a nail-biter. We get it.

The good news is, you're not alone! People all over the Treasure Valley are taking to social media to air their grievances about rising gas prices. Let's turn to Twitter to see what's being said:


Folks are already clamoring to find the cheapest price at the pump.


While others are trying to figure out ways to get gas prices to go back down.


Is it a conspiracy? Are they really putting water in our gas?


...so now we have to choose between gas and coffee? Say it ain't so!


You get the idea. High gas prices has us all up in our feelings.

According to numerous sources, it looks like gas prices may stay on the high side for some time. Experts don't have a set date of when they predict gas prices will settle down, but they're telling us to get comfortable paying more for the time being.

How are gas prices on your side of town? Know any good places to get the best price? Let's connect on Facebook so we can save folks in Boise some money.

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