I woke up to a generally bright and sunny day in Nampa yesterday morning. I proceeded to get ready for the day by putting on shorts and a t-shirt. Why not? It looked fairly “normal” outside. As I left home, it was raining, and as I arrived in Boise, it was snowing! What the heck?!

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I know, I know, we should be grateful for the extra moisture, but dang I was not wanting or expecting snow. I’m sure many of us feel similarly, especially those who were just getting stoked for the amazing hiking and outdoor opportunities in or near the Boise area during Spring/Summer.

Well, according to Ridge to Rivers (May 9th, 2022), “Winter has returned! We have 4" of wet, heavy snow this morning in the Lower Hulls Gulch area, and 10" 2 miles further up the road, at the 8th Street ATV Trailhead. The snow is snapping branches and laying brush down across trails throughout the trail system, making many of them temporarily impassable.”

Ridge to Rivers
Ridge to Rivers

I cannot even imagine. Even when the snow does melt, can you imagine how incredibly muddy it will be for many days after?

Ridge to Rivers goes on to say, “The other item of note is that our trails will become incredibly muddy once the snow melts - and with this much moisture it could again take several days to dry back out. Please be good stewards of the Foothills, and refrain from using the trails until this occurs. Sandy trails will dry out first as usual, and we will be updating these reports daily this week to help you make informed and responsible decisions."

They also mentioned to be mindful of the fact that traveling on trails when they are muddy leads to erosion, trail widening, lousy trail conditions, and the overall ruining/destruction of trails when they dry up again. Spread the message and stay safe out there!

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