Weeeeeell, not so fast? It seems to be a growing trend nationally.  CBSSports.com reports that now nearly one-third of college football stadiums allow the sale of alcohol and the NCAA even started allowing it this year at the College World Series!

But..........like we said, don't get too excited just yet.  As Boise State Athletic Director Curt Apsey says, "for now, no, I don’t see that as a possibility here.  If it was something we wanted to consider, we’d have to sit down with the appropriate people, obviously. It has not been discussed on our campus, nor with our State Board. It’s a sensitive issue here in Boise, and we need to respect that."

For now anyway in the Mountain West, alcohol sales are allowed in the stadiums for Hawaii, Nevada, San Diego State and Colorado State.  For Boise State, it's only allowed in the Stueckle Sky Center and you have to be a premium ticket holder.

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