Did you know they color code baked bread for freshness? Well they do! Who knew?!

Have you ever noticed that the color of the plastic tags or the twist ties on your bags of bread are different colors? Maybe you did notice, but didn't realize it means anything. Me? Never noticed, didn't care, never wondered. NOW I know that it actually means something! It tells you how fresh the bread is!

Sure, you can search the bag for a freshness date, but they also have another way to tell how fresh that bread really is that you're thinking about buying!

Here's the deal: look at the color of the little plastic tab, you know, the one you take off the bag and throw away, because you just spin the bag so it twists up, then you fold it under the bread, and put it back in the cupboard, on the shelf or in the refrigerator - don't try to tell me you don't do that. Anyway, the color of the little plastic tab or the twist tie tells you what day the bread was baked on.


Most bakeries only bake bread five days a week, which is why Wednesday and Sunday are missing.

So now you know! I bet you'll never look at a bag of bread the same again.

In case you might think this story is BS:  CLICK HERE

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