For more than six decades now drinks like Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi have been a big No-No on the Mormon based campus but that's all changing.

According to the Idaho Statesman it all came out in a tweet that showed a can of Coca-Cola with just two words that said "It's Happening." So does that mean it's really happening or are students just very optimistic about downing some of their favorite drinks at school?

The answer? It's really happening! Truth is, it's never been a law or rule that you can't have caffeinated drinks on campus, they just didn't sell them there. The student centers have already been stocking and selling the new soft drinks and students, professors, along with anyone that's ever been connected to BYU are celebrating everywhere. The campus looks like a movement that's just won a 60-year battle.

To me it does seem a bit funny to see all these past BYU students online talking about how badly they were discriminated against for walking down the halls with a Mountain Dew in their hand but hey, maybe it was that bad.  I'm not trying to discount that discrimination I just usually think of racism, sex or other things when that word comes into play. Regardless, this battle is over and I say Yay for both BYU and BYU Idaho.  Let's all toast to new beginnings and good times, with a Coke!  ;)

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