It's never a good thing to be pulled over by the Caldwell Police Department with a big bag full of money that says 'Wells Fargo' on it.  Even worse, you happen to be driving the getaway vehicle described by Wells Fargo employees from the branch that was just robbed a few minutes earlier.  Nope.  Not a good thing at all.

24-year-old Jesus A. Carbajal is facing felony charges of bank robbery.  The Wells Fargo bank on East Cleveland Boulevard was hit this morning at approximately 11:40.  KTVB reports that so far we do not know if a gun was involved and it looks as if nobody has been harmed.

Authorities never release how much was stolen in these types of robberies so that nobody else out there decides to get any bad ideas.  Carbajal is currently being held in the Canyon County Jail.

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