You know times are tough when your getaway vehicle is a mountain bike. Robbing is never ok, but this guy did have some cajones. He got away from the scene of the crime with a mountain bike, in the snow. What makes it even crazier, so far, he got away with it.

Channel 7 and Channel 2 have both reported on this. Boise Police are still on the look out for this guy who robbed a Boise Business this morning (Thursday, Feb 18). According to the news outlets and the Boise Police Department the man went into the store claiming to have a gun but never actually showed a firearm or weapon of any kind. He robbed the store that is on the 2500 block of Broadway and took off on a blue mountain bike with his loot.

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I know crime shouldn't be funny, but for some reason this tickles me just a little. I think it is just picturing a bad guy rushing from the scene on a bicycle, especially now, he must have trudged through some snow during his get away. Other than being a little shaken the employee is fine and no one was hurt. The robber has been described as having facial hair, and about 5'6" with a stalky build. He was wearing a grey jacket with a blue stripe across the chest and had jeans, with black shoes and a black beanie. From what I can tell from the surveillance photos he was wearing a mask of some sort in the store.

Anyone who sees the suspect, knows anything or even think you know anything is urged to call 911 or you can also be submitted anonymously by calling CrimeStoppers at 208-343-COPS.


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