The National Anthem was more emotional than usual yesterday as we remembered all those we lost on that tragic event 17 years ago. As Caldwell's Vallivue High School girls soccer team was preparing to take on Middleton, something happened that reminded all those in attendance that we are unified as Americans, and now it's getting national attention.

According to our sister station, KORD, a man (known only as Brent) was plowing the field next to where the soccer games take place. Once the National Anthem started playing, Brent got out of his tractor, took off his, cap, and placed his hand over his heart to honor our country on such an emotional day. Luckily, the special moment was captured by Wendy with Boyers Design, and now the simple gesture of stopping his hard work to honor our flag will live on forever. If you know #BrentTheFarmer, let us know, we'd like to thank him ourselves!

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