A thread caught my eye in the Boise subreddit community. The thread concerned a group of adults handing out Bibles across the street from North Junior High. The original post sparked a vibrant discussion, reflecting a mix of viewpoints on the appropriateness of such actions, especially when engaging with children without their parent's consent.

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During a conversation, it was brought up that many people feel uneasy about strangers approaching schoolchildren to discuss religious topics. The person who initiated the conversation expressed discomfort with the idea of older men discussing religion with kids who are not directly supervised by their parents. This concern does not just pertain to distributing religious texts; it is about the broader implications of adults initiating potentially sensitive conversations with children they may not know without parental guidance or approval.

During a discussion thread, the topic shifted to a debate on the content within Bibles being distributed. Some users found it ironic when considering the ongoing discussions around book bans containing explicit material. They pointed out the mature themes present in the Bible itself. They questioned the consistency of those advocating for book bans while distributing this religious text to young students.

During the conversation, a user shared a personal anecdote about an older man handing out Bibles to children at a middle school in Meridian. This reinforced the idea that such interactions could be unsettling.

Contributors in the thread from the Boise community agreed that adults should not approach, speak, or give anything to children without permission. They discussed establishing boundaries when interacting with children and how to have respectful conversations with them about significant topics such as religion and parental consent in public spaces.

Adults handing out Bibles across the street from North Junior High
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