So many different thoughts go through my brain when taking a look at this tragedy that occurred in Caldwell, Idaho.  No names have been released yet so that authorities can properly notify family members that their daughter, sister, mother, and who knows who else this woman was to people close to her but unfortunately one woman is dead because of an accident that will rock this man's world to the core forever.

I remember growing up in San Diego, California and I had a couple friends that went to the same elementary school as me.  Billy Cash and Jamie.  I can't remember Jamie's last name but they were friends of mine.  I was in the fourth grade and both Billy and Jamie were in fifth.  The two of them came across a loaded gun at Jamie's house and the end result was not good.  Billy accidentally shot Jamie in the head and killed him.  Jamie was gone forever and so was Billy in a very different way.  I never saw either of them again but I'd hear about Billy every once in a while and it was never good.  Messed him up.

This story isn't so different from what happened in the 100 block of Oak Street in Caldwell, Idaho.  KTVB reports that the victim was a 20-year-old woman who was shot by her husband when he was cleaning his gun.  The young woman was transported to a Boise hospital where she was pronounced dead.  We're all praying for the family and close friends of this young lady who has passed way too early.

Family members of this beautiful young woman have contacted us stating that the bullet had entered her thigh which led to bleeding that couldn't be stopped.  Again, all of our prayers go out to this family.  There's a lot of people mourning this young girl including a husband who no longer has the love of his life.  Please respect their privacy as they mourn and take a moment to pray for them.

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