Brothers Park in Caldwell will soon be expanding thanks to a very generous donation from a local company. According to KTVB, the Caldwell City Council approved a $100,000 donation from Crookham Company that will be used to expand the park in Canyon County.

The company -a Caldwell-based seed wholesaler- made the large donation in honor of the company's CFO, Mary Crookham, who served that role for 17 years. According to KTVB, Crookham was very involved in the community and an "active supporter of youth sport activities prior to her death last year."

The generous gift will be used to expand the park onto a parcel of land adjacent to the west side of the park on South Indiana Avenue. Developed in 2001 the park includes 11 soccer fields, walking paths and playground equipment. There's no word, however, on when the expansion project will begin.

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