At the beginning of 2020, Cam welcomed her first child into the world, a baby girl named Lucy. She's not only been spending her year as a new mother, Cam's also been busy working on new music. She shared on The Bobby Bones Show who she's been working with, her favorite artists right now, and a live-stream show you can watch her on Friday night (August 21).

Cam just recently dropped "Classic," a song she worked on with Jack Antonoff, famously known for working with Taylor Swift and The Chicks. She shared that she and Antonoff were working in the studio when they started coming up with nostalgic things. That turned into a song about nostalgia and there being people in your life that are "so classic," they will never leave despite the changes happening in the world. She also dropped a song with Diplo months back called "So Long," and shared that they reached out to her to be on the track. Not only that, she joked that she was the first person on that bandwagon before he started collaborating with more of the country world.

As far as how motherhood's going, Cam shared that things are going incredibly well, but her daughter is now smiling, has a little personality and it's crazy. When they went on their first plane ride with Lucy, Cam actually handed out little bags to the other people on the plane. They were little goodie bags with candy, and ear plugs noting that it was Lucy's first flight and she may cry. But as it turns out, Cam said that Lucy didn't even cry so they all were just happy.

For those who are missing seeing Cam live in concert, she's playing a live-stream for "Live At The Ryman" tomorrow night. She's excited to be on the stage again and perform in an empty Ryman auditorium. She even hinted that she would be starting her set with a classic cover. For those that want to watch, they can pay $10 to see the exclusive stream here.