Some of these are actually a little surprising.

Idaho is a beautiful state isn't it? In addition to all of the gorgeous sites around us, there is a lot a rich history in this state. Things that Idahoans are extremely proud of regardless if you are a transplant or born and bred here like a potato.

Now, when you love someone you tend to want to know everything about them.

The same is true about our state. Kids learn about Idaho in school and for others we seek out information about it.

So let's put that knowledge to the test, shall we?

How many of Idaho's state symbols can you name? These are the "official state" things. For example, our state bird is the Mountain Bluebird and our state vegetable is the potato. But what about other things like dinosaurs, dances, or even out motto?

Here are Idaho's state symbols, beginning with the oldest one to be adopted.

State Seal - Seal of Idaho (Adopted 1863)

State Motto - Esto Perpetua "Let it be perpetual" (Adopted 1890)


State Bird - Mountain Bluebird (Adopted 1931)


State Song - "Here We Have Idaho" (Adopted 1931)


State Flower - Syringa 'philadelphus lewisii' (Adopted 1931)


State Tree - Western White Pine (Adopted 1935)


State Flag - Flag of Idaho (Adopted 1957)


State Gem - Star Garnet (Adopted 1967)


State Horse - Appaloosa (Adopted 1975)


State Fossil - Hagerman Horse (Adopted 1988)


State Dance - Square Dance (Adopted 1989)


State Fish - Cutthroat Trout (Adopted 1990)


State Insect - Monarch Butterfly (Adopted 1992)


State Fruit - Huckleberry (Adopted 2000)


State Vegetable - Potato (Adopted 2002)


State Raptor - Peregrine Falcon (Adopted 2004)


State Amphibian - Idaho Giant Salamander (Adopted 2015)


That's quite a list. I'll admit, I didn't know that Peregrine Falcons were so fast and so dangerous. Remind me to steer clear.

Now, we have this great list of state symbols that have been successfully adopted for the state of Idaho. But what about the symbols that were not adopted.

Yep, I'm talking about the rejects.

Here are the rejected official state symbols...

DENIED: Rainbow Trout for State Fish


DENIED: Sturgeon for State Fish


DENIED: Silver Tipped Sagebrush for State Bush


DENIED: Rattlesnake for State Reptile


I'll admit, that sturgeon looks pretty cool.

What do you think of this list? Do you feel that there are some things missing? What other state symbols should we have?

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