Carly Pearce is becoming an Idaho regular. Last year, she made her way through Twin Falls. Carly Pearce was in Coeur d'Alene for a show on August 21st for a headline show at the North Idaho State Fair and recently shared a video of her time at the Fair.

Carly Pearce is a big fan of Fairs, and before she hit the stage, she spent some time going around the North Idaho State Fair, taking in the sites. She even heard herself playing at one of the booths and asked the host if he liked Carly Pearce. I am not sure if he knew that it was her because the video posted to her Instagram edited it, but I assume he did because someone had to have been following her with a camera.

She went through the petting zoo and the reptiles and played games throughout the Fair. In the video, she talks about it being the summer of county fairs and how she's become obsessed with them.

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Her commentary throughout her Instagram reels is excellent. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated her writing. One person commented, "Thought you might have had something nicer to say about Idaho. You seemed to just not give a sh*t 🙄 Not impressed. I'm glad I didn't go to your concert in Boise. Idaho is a beautiful place, and obviously, you act as if you are "too good" for us. Carly Pearce fans were quick to respond and have her back.

Carly Pearce Enjoys The North Idaho State Fair

Carly Pearce played at the North Idaho State Fair on August 21st and then shared a video on her Instagram, check out the highlights.



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