We finally have some answers as to what happened to the four dogs killed just outside of Mountain Home on Monday.

According to the Boise veterinarian's necropsy report, the dogs most likely died from blunt force trauma. They say they can't be sure, but that is what they suspect. They also say it does not appear that the dogs were poisoned and they do not suspect dog fighting.

The Elmore County Sheriff's Office is warning residents not to take the manner into their own hands. If you suspect someone is behind the dogs deaths, call 911, do not confront them yourself.

According to KTVB the investigation has also concluded that the death of the cat who was found near the dogs is not related. It's unclear how the cat died, but it does not appear to be intentional.

We're crossing our fingers that they find the person or people behind this very soon. In the meantime, try to keep your pets indoor or under your watchful eye.