A lot of people are wearing masks and gloves these days as they go about their business in an attempt to protect themselves from the Coronavirus, but Central District Health says wearing gloves gives people a false sense of security. Here's what you need to know. 

Central District Health says latex gloves work like a "second skin." They told KTVB that cross contamination actually becomes easier when people where gloves. Gloves can over complicate things and you can still spread germs. You are contaminating the gloves just like you would your own skin, so your better option is to just wash your hands properly.

If you still feel more comfortable wearing gloves, they say you should ...

  • wait to put your gloves on until you are in the store
  • sanitize your shopping cart
  • try to not touch you phone or clothes
  • throw away your gloves as soon as you are done shopping.
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