Looks like someone won $250,000 in Oneida County this week from the Powerball. Do you have the lucky ticket? $250,000 won't land you on "My Lottery Dream Home" but it sure is life changing, no matter who you are.

You may not be able to retire, but depending how much debt you have living life might just be a little easier. You can pay off the debt, you can take a nice little vacation, and if you can live within your means than you should be better off. I think anyone who wins $250,000 will be better off.

According to the Idaho Lottery Instagram account no one has come forward yet, but they also said "This jackpot was originally only $50,000, but with PowerPlay automatically included in the ticket and the 5x multiplier, it's now quite the prize! #Wooh! 🎉".

I bought a Powerball ticket last week and just wanted to play a quick pick for 5 games, I had $10 in my wallet and thought why not. I was charged $15 because the clerk assumed I wanted the PowerPlay. If I would have won I would be stoked, but I didn't.


Yesterday, PR Newswire announced that you can purchase Idaho Lottery tickets through an app called Jackpocket. This app is free in your app store and they are also giving away a free ticket for your first purchase. Get more information here!

The Jackpocket App

Check out the Jackpocket App that is now legal in Idaho.

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