Like many I have always dreamed what it would be like to have a sizable win on a scratch off or lottery ticket. I am not selfish or greedy I don't need a billion dollar jackpot but something more than twenty bucks would be nice. I want to know what that celebration feels like. A couple in Meridian is celebrating after a sizable win.

Kameron and Charles Rogers bought a Powerball ticket at the - always busy- Maverik gas station and convenience store that is on the corner of Franklin and Meridian Road. According to CBS Boise, Kameron and Charles originally thought they won $50,000, which is still plenty to celebrate. They did the PowerPlay though, meaning the spent twice as much on the ticket but they get twice the winning payout since it it not a jackpot.

The timing for this couple is quite interesting. Kameron actually gave her notice at work that day. She was leaving her job and probably pretty nervous about how that would effect finances. It was later that same day that Charles called Kameron to tell her they had won. Talk about a sign that she did the right thing.

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