Chris Janson's new album "Everybody" drops tomorrow. It includes his hit single, Fix A Drink and several new cuts that are sure to please country fans!

"This album is for EVERYBODY... Real stories and songs that I believe people from every walk of life can relate to. It's Everybody - and it's all on this record."

-Chris Janson


Chris Janson is NOT your typical country artist. He has been straddling the divide between country's past and future. He's a self-taught multi-instrumental wizard and helped produce the new album. You've also heard several songs he wrote performed and recorded by the likes of Tim McGraw, Hank Williams, Jr., Justin Moore, LoCash and others.


I personally think you're going to see this new project "Everybody" launch Chris to the next level and pop him right up there with the likes of Luke, Blake, Dierks, Eric, Tim, Keith and Brad.


“With this one you really get a sense of who I am,” he says, reclining into the wicker chair on his back porch where much of Everybody was written. “No one could ever question if it’s real or not, or if I’m really this guy. I lived all these songs, I wrote all these songs and they all come from an absolutely real place.”


Chris co-wrote, and co-produced every song on the new album. He worked with several other writers and producers to put this together, and when the album was finished, he decided to name it "Everybody" because that's who it's for.


“I don’t want to come off corny by saying ‘There’s a song for everybody,’ but there really is,” Janson explains. “I wanted to make it a diverse record. I didn’t want to be pigeon holed into one sound or approach, so I wrote a bunch of songs that each had their own individual style.”


“I love this record,” he says plainly. “I come from a dream-big lifestyle and made something out of nothing by working really hard, and I just hope people find happiness and a little bit of themselves in it. To me it’s one of those ‘I still can’t believe this is happening’ things.”


I will be shocked if he doesn't get several nominations for ACM and CMA Awards with this new album. In my's that damn good.  ~Rich

Source: Warner Music Nashville

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