Chris Janson's latest single on country radio is "Done." He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show from his beach house in Florida to talk about the song and what he's been doing with his time in quarantine.

Janson shared that his song "Done" was written about his wife and the first time he saw her. And the inspiration behind the song actually came from Janson because of a phrase he always says "Done and Done" when he's closing deals or doing things in his life. Not only is Janson dropping new songs, he's also played The Grand Ole Opry over 200 times. With that many live performances at the iconic venue, one would assume he has many special recognition awards to commemorate that many performances. However, he really doesn't. He shared that he got his first award from them after his first number 1 "Buy Me A Boat." He also got another trophy and all the things when he officially became a member. And the only other piece of memorabilia that he has is an Opry guitar.

Besides focusing on his music career, Janson said that he's been spending a lot of quality time with his family on their beach house in Florida. During that time, he's been cooking, painting, and working out for the first time ever while his son has been catching fish with his bare hands. Janson shared a story about his son paddle boarding out in the ocean and when he looked out, he saw his son dive down and come back up with a "gar fish" with his bare hands. Janson confessed that he really loves to cook and he's been getting to do a lot of it while in quarantine. His favorite thing to cook up is using the grill to make blackened chicken.

Quarantine made Janson do something even crazier. He decided to work out for the first time in his entire life. Inspired by his chiropractor's workouts, Janson decided to give it a try because it's never too late to learn something new. He did and he said it was so difficult doing it for the first time that he got sick to his stomach. Since then, he's been trying workouts here and there as a way to pass the time. When Bobby Bones asked about him lifting weights, Janson replied with a laugh "I don't think I could even lift the bar."

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