Clay Walker is known for all of his massive hits in country music, and he's still making moves. Recently, he joined Toby Keith's record label to continue his music career. He stopped By The Bobby Bones Show to talk all bout his biggest hits, and the baby on the way.

Walker and his wife Jessica are parents to five kids and just shared in recent weeks that their 6th kid is on the way. Their next baby will be born in January. While sharing the story, he joked with Bones that he's "a breeder." But all jokes aside, He shared that he's really loved watching his wife be a mom. He noted that being a mom is the toughest job and somehow they still do it with grace.

When discussing his big hits, Walker opened up about "If I Can Make A Living," and "This Woman and This Man." His song "If I Can Make A Living" was written by Alan Jackson and when Walker heard the song, he thought it was "a mega smash." The song resonated with Walker so much so that he made it his title track of that album. As for his ballad "This Woman and This Man," Walker confessed that ballads have always been where his heart is. He and his band would end their shows with that song and it would make everyone go crazy. Walker even shared the story behind hearing his first song on country radio. He still remembers the radio guy who played his song, his name is Gary Hayes. When Walker heard his song for the first time coming over the radio waves, he pulled over, and started shaking. It totally freaked him out, but he also got this overwhelming feeling that made him realize that's all he wanted to do for the rest of his life.