It's been almost a year since we had what's turned out to probably be THE most costly crash in Idaho history.  A tragic accident that involved four men, including three airmen out of Mountain Home that were killed when seven different vehicles crashed on Interstate 84 at the Cloverdale Overpass area resulting in automobiles that burst into flames and wreckage that ultimately made the Cloverdale Overpass unsafe to drive on.

The Ada County Highway District has been hard at work ever since reconstructing the bridge making it stronger, better, and safer.

The bridge is finally just about done and for the first time in a year, people are able to drive across.  Now, there's only one lane open but that'll soon change.  According to KTVB, construction's going to continue through the summer but the one lane traffic will remain open.

Because only one lane is open, traffic will be a bit slower.

We have to give a thumbs up to both The Idaho Transportation Department and The Ada County Highway District for teaming up to make this overpass wider, stronger, and better than it was before.  The end result will be two travel lanes in each direction, a bike lane on both sides, and a sidewalk for pedestrians to cross.

Other projects in the area are Cloverdale Road between Franklin and Camas getting more space and widening.  That should be done sometime in September.

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