Most of us would just like to pretend it doesn't happen here.  Not in our beautiful state of Idaho... but it does, and it's as nasty as ever.


44-year-old Jose Rosario Miramontes-Tostada of Gooding, Idaho has just pleaded guilty to the charges of exhibition of a cockfight.  Tostada organized the whole thing bringing in illegal activity from just about everywhere.  Over 150 people and more than 30 roosters were involved.


Cockfighting is shockingly still legal in three states across America.  It's a billion-dollar-a-year industry in Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  Fortunately we've outlawed this barbaric type of activity here in Idaho so for those that try to sneak it in under the radar, know that you will be prosecuted.


Tostada received a sentence of 83 days in jail and $257 in fines.  His jail time has already been served so he's out.  Misdemeanor charges were all he was found guilty of so the sentence was not as stiff as some may like it to be.

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