Gambling, drugs, guns, and roosters. Over 100 people were involved. Here's what went down. 


The cockfighting ring in Gooding was discovered Saturday after a noise complaint.


When the sheriffs department showed up on the scene more than 120 people were watching the fights.


According to KTVB, 80 roosters were put down because they have been exposed to meth, testosterone, adrenaline, and antibiotics to get them ready for the cockfights.


Cockfighting is illegal in the state of Idaho, in fact according to the Idaho Humane Society, you can't even own a rooster within city limits. The owner of this ring is now facing a felony and everyone else involved is being charged with a misdemeanor.


The last cockfighting incident that happened in the state was in 2008. It involved 20 roosters who were also put down.