Country music, like any other genre, has several different sounds and styles. Like anything else, not everyone likes every song, or style or artist. Not everyone likes black licorice. Not everyone likes anchovies. You get the drill.

A great radio station is sorta like a great restaurant. You sometimes get a craving for Asian cuisine, and sometimes you just want a great burger. When you go to your favorite Asian restaurant, you find several different choices on the menu. When you go to your favorite burger joint, you usually find several different ways to have your burger.

You don't go to the Asian restaurant for a great burger, even though they may have one on the menu, and you don't go to the burger restaurant for great pot stickers.

So, when you tune in your favorite radio station, chances are you're not going to like every song that comes on. In our world, country music comes in many different flavors. Pop leaning country, country rock, mainstream country, traditional country, twang, etc.

Some songs, regardless of which category they fall into, transcend the doubters and the haters and rise to the top of the charts. We think the new song by Cody Johnson may do just that. In spite of the fact that he has thousands of rabid fans and followers already, not everyone is aware of him and his music. We know there are a lot of Cody Johnson fans in the Treasure Valley, which is why we're happy to see this new song making it's way and helping Cody gain even more fans and followers.

They just released the official video for his new song "On My Way To You". Check it out, and listen for it to play on Wow Country 104.3! Oh, and check out Cody and his wife sharing a moment at the end of the video.

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