I love entrepreneurs that think outside the box. Even though I'm not a huge coffee drinker, I definitely would love to support this new company. It's called Expedition Coffee Co., and they're bringing you nitro cold brewed coffee served out of a bike cart!

According to Boise Weekly, Ethan Hensley and Andy Womack wanted to get out and serve coffee to their community and after looking at several options, settled on converting an ice-cream bike cart for their coffee business.

Expedition Coffee Co. will be a seasonal operation, during the Spring and Summer months, setting up shop at wedding and events, and different street locations around Boise. Their kickoff was this morning in front of the U.S. Bank Building on the corner of Main street and Capitol Boulevard.

To find out where they'll be every day, make sure you check out their Instagram story (@expeditioncoffeeco) daily.


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