Six months ago, if you had told me that there was a WWE Pay Per View this weekend, I would have said something like, “who cares,” and I might not have even been that nice about it. Ever since moving to Boise, however things have changed. I’m not sure if it was the mountain air that changed my thinking or if it was my new sense of adventure to try new things, like bicycling that opened my mind. More than likely though, the fact that there are no sports to watch right now because of the Coronavirus, made me a pro wrestling fan.

I'm a sports fan that tends to hold a grudge.  For example, I stopped watching Major League Baseball after the last strike in the mid-90's.  I'm not saying that I won't watch pro sports when they do finally come back, but I only have so much free time and I've dedicated all of my sports time to the WWE.  Football and basketball will have to earn back my attention.

The WWE isn’t exactly like the NFL, the NBA or even NASCAR, since those leagues don’t predetermine their outcomes, or at least that’s what we’re told, and because we couldn’t see the Boise State Broncos finish out their basketball season and because the Broncos football team’s status for this year is very much up in the air, fake sports will have to do for now and this weekend is a pretty big deal.

Money In The Bank is a Pay Per View Event, where the winner can challenge for any WWE title at any time they choose, even after the champion has just concluded a match and is completely worn out! This year, because they aren’t allowed to have fans in attendance, they are holding the match on the roof of Titan Tower, their headquarters in Connecticut.

Imagine the drama that can occur when pro wrestlers could potentially throw their opponents off of the building. To me, that is must-see TV. If you need to find me on Sunday, I’ll be on my couch and I’ve already told my family that unless it’s an emergency, not to bother me and even then it’s more of a case by case situation.