We received the most heartbreaking call this morning from one of our dear listeners saying her neighbors had died in a horrible fire. Their names have finally been released and here's what we know about this tragedy so far. 

The reality of this story really hit home this morning when Lori Peterson called us and said the people who were killed in a home fire in Payette weren't just in the news, they were her neighbors and friends. She had just cleaned the home 8 hours before the fire broke out and had visited her friends every Tuesday for the last three years.

The names of Lori's friends who perished have now been released. They are 79 year old Phil Skelly and his 83 year old wife Darlene who often went by Dar.

According to KTVB the coroner has ruled their deaths as carbon monoxide poisoning and he has confirmed they were trying to escape the home after it caught fire early Wednesday morning.

Still no word on how the horrible fire started but the couples dogs and a cat also perished in the blaze.

Lori told us that her friend Dar would often tease her saying "your husband will never leave you because you're so good at winning on the radio!"

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Skully's friends, Lori and David Peterson, and with all of those who loved this couple. According to Lori, the couple's children lived right next door and saw the whole tragedy unfold. We are so very sorry for everyone affected by this terrible turn of events. Hold your loved ones a little closer today.