Hey guys! Greg here.  It's with a heavy heart that I have to let you know, that tonight will be my final night hosting at Cowgirls in Kuna :(  It's been a great time.  I've gotten to know most of the greatest people I know in the Treasure Valley out there.  You guys BRING IT and are such a great crowd every Friday.  The owners Sam & Jake and the entire staff there have been nothing but great to me and hosting out there has definitely been my favorite part of my job.  There's definitely good reason why Friday has been my favorite night of the week since I got to Idaho.

So why am I leaving?  Well I received an offer from a station in Buffalo, NY that I just couldn't turn down.  It's a great move not only career-wise, but personally as well.  It will allow me to live closer to my family back east that until a couple years ago I didn't even know I had.  The chance to get to know them better and spend some real time with them is just priceless.

So tonight, help me go out with a BANG!  It's gonna be a party you for sure aren't gonna wanna miss.  Remember, since it's Friday that means it's Ladies Night so ladies & EVERYONE with a Military ID are in free! They'll be drink specials, swing dancing, prizes, and MORE! And of course, I might even buy you a drink personally.  Click HERE for more info. See ya tonight ;)