Heidi Todd of Nampa, Idaho rents her home out through a property management company.  Someone has stolen the identity of the property management used to take care of business matters for Todd's home and has been scamming people out of money using this home as bait.

According to KTVB, the scammer says the home is available for rent immediately.  When contacted, the scammer asks for $2,000 to be deposited into his bank account and he'll send keys.  He says he can't meet in person because he just moved to Connecticut to take care of his dying wife who has leukemia.

Heidi Todd has had people stop by saying they're renting the home, she's had people attempt to start moving things in and that's when she herself called the scammer, played along with his game for a while and then notified authorities.  When Todd never sent the scammer money he reached out to her prompting her to disclose who she was and what she was doing and that's when the death threats began.

Todd said the scammer told her he would hunt her down and kill her and torch her house.  Law enforcement is looking into this case but these scams are often times untraceable and difficult to deal with.  Authorities do not have any tangible leads at this time but want the public to know this guy is out there and to be very cautious when renting or purchasing anything online.

  1. How To Spot Imposters
  2. Do Online Searches
  3. Don't Believe Your Caller I.D.
  4. Don't Pay Up Front For a Promise
  5. Consider How You Pay
  6. Talk To Someone You Trust Or An Expert
  7. Be Skeptical About Free Trial Offers
  8. Don't Deposit a Check And Wire Money Back
  9. Sign Up For Free Scam Alerts By The FTC

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