Okay, first off - we get it. There's been a rift between the states of Idaho and California for some time now and expecting peace between the two states can seem like a pipe dream...

...until now.

California is here to save the day!

We get it - it sounds weird to us too but there's some truth to that statement.

Back in January, Amazon Prime announced that it would start incorporating ads into its basic membership. This meant that customers who didn't have any ads in the middle of their shows/movies would now be subject to them.

But you could get rid of the ads if you are willing to pay Amazon an additional $2.99 a month.

This is when a California man said enough is enough.

According to court documents, the man, Wilbert Napoleon, is leading the charge against the extra fee in the form of a class action lawsuit.

That's right, Napoleon has had enough and is standing up for streamers everywhere. Check out Napoleon's complaint according to official court documents:

For years, people purchased and renewed their Amazon Prime subscriptions believing that they would include ad-free streaming. But last month, Amazon changed the deal. To stream movies and tv shows without ads, Amazon customers must now pay an additional $2.99 per month. This is true even for people who purchased the yearly, ad-free subscription, and who are now mid-way through their subscription.

Get'em, Napoleon! The complaint goes on to highlight that most Amazon Prime customers already paid for their subscription to enjoy ad-free programming:

This is not fair, because these subscribers already paid for the ad-free version; these subscribers should not have to pay an additional $2.99/month for something that they already paid for.

Honestly, the court documents for this case are among the best we've seen. This guy and his legal team are going for Amazon's jugular and even include documents from Amazon's press center that highlight the main benefit of streaming Amazon Prime: "Commercial-free."

What happens if Napoleon and his team win the class action lawsuit against Amazon?

According to the court document, if Napoleon and the people win this lawsuit, "all persons who, while in the United States, within the applicable statute of limitations period and before December 28, 2023, purchased an annual subscription to Amazon Prime" will essentially be grandfathered in, thus exempting them from paying the additional $2.99 for ad-free programming.

Who would've thought the thing that would bring California and Idahoans together would be the fight against "Big Streaming"?

Yes, that's what we're calling it and if we don't have to pay extra to get rid of ads, we're all for it.

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